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Sample Trainings


Basic Motivational Interviewing – this introductory course familiarizes participants with the concepts, spirit, and skills of Motivational Interviewing.  It is a necessary first step in the process of learning the model.


Intermediate Motivational Interviewing – building on the skills learned in Basic MI, this class teaches the essential strategies of the model and empowers  participants to begin using it in their everyday work.  Intensive practice and feedback are provided.


Advanced Motivational Interviewing – this course focuses on developing competence and confidence in using Motivational Interviewing, and begins to develop participants’ skills in coaching the model.


Teaching Motivational Interviewing – Participants who have demonstrated competence with the model may take the Teaching course, which enables and empowers them to teach a basic Motivational Interviewing course, and to facilitate Motivational Interviewing skills groups.


Motivational Interviewing in Supervision – this course, developed for supervisory staff, coaches them on bringing the principles and practices of the model into their supervision, making those conversations more collaborative and productive.


Motivational Interviewing in Treatment Planning (two half-days) – many oversight agencies and funding sources are now rightly focusing on person-centered planning.  This course considers the use of Motivational Interviewing to facilitate this approach.



Bob has a knack for helping people learn by saying just the right thing, in just the right way. His knowledge of Motivational Interviewing is deep and wide. His respect for others and sweet sense of humour permeates all he does, making learning a pleasant activity!
— Dr. Rachel Green, psychologist
Having worked in the public mental health field for 20 years I have attended countless trainings and conferences. Mr. Jope’s sessions on Motivational Interviewing have proven time and again to be the high water mark for intelligent, practical education on one of the most evidenced-based practices of our time. As an MI trainer now myself, when I talk to people about this wonderful approach it is Bob that I try to emulate. His calm, refined rhetoric and vast knowledge base serve as models for how training and consultation should be provided across disciplines and arenas.
— Matthew Cianci, Director of Recovery Services

Bob’s training exceeded my expectations and provided me with valuable Motivational Interviewing skills that easily apply to practice. I would highly recommend Bob’s trainings and consultations to other practitioners who are interested in an uplifting and exceptional learning experience.
— Rebecca High, Clinical Content Development Specialist
Bob’s trainings are interesting, informative, and enjoyable. He does a great job of engaging the group and making sure that they understood topics being discussed. I would highly recommend his trainings as time very well spent.
— Audrey Waldman, Community Case Manager

I highly recommend Bob Jope as a compassionate and skilled Motivational Interviewing (MI) trainer. Bob is very knowledgeable of the content and delivers the training in an engaging, interesting and fun way! I learned so much and greatly enjoyed each training experience. Bob has a very strength-based approach that is skills driven and encourages you to reach your full potential as an MI practitioner. I feel extremely fortunate to be trained and mentored by him. Bob was instrumental in me being able to take my skills to the next level and helping me leverage my MI skills to help so many individuals that I have worked with move forward in their lives.
— Kimberly Bisset, Director and Founder, Radiate Career Consulting